Our Divisions

We have 4 main division within our company. Since the opening up of the economy in Myanmar, we saw a lack of expertise in the various fields and decided that the way forward was to hire experts in these various divisions. These divisions are run like separate entities under the OAVS umbrella."

Professional Audio
We supply to rental companies and also assist integrators with system design and integration of their projects.

Professional Video
Since there are not many professional integrators available in the market for the broadcast field, We work with Radio & TV stations directly.


We have a dealer network in all of Myanmar where we distribute all our brands. Our office in Mandalay takes care of the distribution in upper Myanmar and Yangon takes care of the distribution in the south of Myanmar.

This department works very closely with integrators who are mainly on hotel projects or office buildings where they lack the "know how" on integrating and programming their equipment to a back-end automation system. We usually 'join hands' with them for such projects.